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Frequently Asked Questions

Estate Planning

What is the purpose of estate planning and why is it important?

What documents are needed for estate planning?

Is estate planning the same as a will?


Do I need an estate plan?

What is probate?

Trust Administration

What does a trustee do?

Business Succession Planning

Why is succession planning important to business?

Do you need succession planning in a family business?

What are the benefits of business succession planning?

Premarital Agreements

What is the purpose of a premarital agreement?

Can a prenup be signed after marriage?


Can you sign a prenup without a lawyer? No,


Is a premarital agreement enforceable in court?

Do I need a premarital agreement? 

Private Charitable Foundations

What is a private foundation vs nonprofit?


What is a private foundation for tax purposes?

Can a private foundation accept donations?

What is the difference between a private foundation and a private operating foundation?

How do you qualify as a private operating foundation?

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